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MU's completely threatening "throne" Hazard & PSG-24 hour warning

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 18:00 (GMT + 7)

MU lives on the breath of Paul Pogba. Each line of MU now passes Pogba's foot. And the victories from "Red Devils" also started with Pogba.

Which player played the best from MU from the beginning of the 2018/19 season? It's Paul Pogb. Too many parameters indicate it.

On a scale of Whoscored statistics page, Pogba Get a score of 7.5 for performances in the English Premier League this season. Marcus Rashford was second in the red devils. Despite the explosion of the past period, the English striker received only 7.08 points, which is even worse than Pogba.

Paul Pogba: MUs totally threatening Hazards

Pogba reaches a very high level

Other parameters also testify to this. It's hard to believe playing midfield, Pogba is the best striker of MU this season.

In the English Premier League, "Pogboom" has 9 goals where Rashford is the best score for "Red Devils", more than Anthony Martial and Romelu Lukaku (with 8 goals).

In the Champions League, Pogba is also MU's top scorer with 2 goals. Fellaini, Rashford, Martial and Mata, or the one who left MU, have only 1 goal.

Score most for MU, Pogba is also No. 1 player in "Red Devil", of course. The guide to Rashford killed Leicester was Pogba's 8th assistant in the English Premier League this season. With the assistant line, Pogba is in the top 5 of the best Premier League volleyball lines, only 2 assistants are the best danger.

Back in the past, Paul Pogba could be seen as the best season in his career. The two seasons played by "Pogboom" were extremely explosive with Juventus, in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons, in fact, the French midfielder stopped at 8 goals in Serie A.

With these performances, Pogba cost 89 million. GBP, which became the most expensive contract in world football history in the summer of 2016.

Paul Pogba: MUs totally threatening Hazards

Pogba is better than he was in the past

A question is asked. So with the present shine, how high is Paul Pogba's value? One thing is certain, hoping to cross the mountain named PSG in the round of the Champions League next round, MU will have to wait a lot in Pogba. And "Pogboom" is ready to continue to lead the way and bring the "Red Devil" through the toughest bends.

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