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Police soldiers will be sent to the hospital for hospitalization

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 09:00 (GMT + 7)

The police chief of a Giang province confirmed to resign to 1 out of 2 police soldiers who beat the neighbors in for personal conflicts.

11-11. In the year, Director General Bui Be Tu, director of a Giang Provincial Police, said he had requested to suspend Lieutenant Nguyen Duy Linh's work (police chief Chau Doc City Police) and another lieutenant. Nguyen Minh Luan (Police for the Chau Doc City Public Security Administration) due to a conflict leading to a fight with a local resident. The beaten person was Mr. Do Van Hai (41 years old, living in Vinh My Ward, Chau Doc City).

Will stop police soldiers beating neighbors to the hospital - 1

Scene 1 woman tried to close the gate to prevent Mr. Hai from carrying a dangerous object mixed with Linh and Luan. Photo cut from clip

The original information, around noon. 17:00 on February 6 (the second day of the new year of the moon) was due to conflicts with each other, so Linh and Luan went to Mr. Hai's house nearby to argue back and forth. At this point, a woman pulled Hai's hand inside and closed the gate. But Mr. Hai went in to take a piece of iron rod to run to "lose enough" with his neighbor, a police soldier. Could not control himself, both Linh and Luan entered Hai's house to cause chaos. Shortly after, one of the two police officers used his foot to kick Mr Hai & # 39; s body and made him fall to the brick floor of his yard. At this point, Linh and Luan continued to hurry to use Mr. Hai's body to cause serious injuries so his family moved to an emergency hospital in the state of multiple injuries, especially in the nasal area.

Will stop police soldiers beating neighbors for hospitalization - 2

And this is the scene where Mr. Hai repeatedly was attacked by Linh and Luan with his legs when he was beaten in the yard. Photo cut from clip

"These two police soldiers are siblings of each other and are very close to the family of the savage family. After the incident, we were about suspending these two soldiers for But whatever the reason, it is unacceptable for soldiers in the police industry not to keep themselves and fight "When there are verification results, I will let anyone who strikes Mr. Hai cause harm immediately, the other person should also be subject to appropriate discipline" – General General Bui Be Tu confirmed.

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