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Portrait of a cold blood man shooting at the head of his ex-wife on Tet

Monday, February 11, 2019, 16:00 (GMT + 7)

After being treated by doctors and doctors in the hospital, Dao Van Suu & # 39; s health has gradually stabilized.

Portrait of a cold-blooded man shooting at the head of his former wife in New Year - 1

Portrait of the object of Dao Van Suu.

Regarding the incident that the man fired on the wife's head on the third day of the new year of the moon, on February 11 exchanged with PV, an officer from the Police Department (PC02) of Tuyen Quang Provincial Police said his health Dao Van Suu statue (SN 1973, residing in a Khang municipality, Tuyen Quang town, Tuyen Quang province) is gradually stabilized after being removed from the pesticides by doctors and doctors during intestinal wash.

According to this cadre, Ox has no criminal record, local regulations, this is the first time the offender has committed a crime.

The same day, Mr Tran Dang Quang, chairman of the People's Committee of Luong Vuong Municipality, said Tuyen Quang City, Tuyen Quang Province, Mrs C.T.H. (1983, living in Luong Vuong municipality) and Suu divorced for almost 3 years. The two had two children together. After divorcing her husband, Mrs H. moved from a khang municipality to Luong Vuong municipality to live. Before Suu drove past, Suu often went back and forth to her former wife's house, and the two sometimes had a conflict even though they were divorced, but no one thought Ox would use a gun to shoot Mrs H.

Portrait of cold-blooded man shooting head of his former wife in New Year - 2

The oxgun used to shoot the head of an ex-wife is on the scene.

Before that, Dao Van Suu went around noon. 21h20 on February 7 (New Year's third moon) to his former wife's house, Mrs H. When she was doing housework under the kitchen, Suu went in and used a gun to shoot the head of the old wife. Mrs. H was seriously injured and was taken to hospital in hospital. After causing the crime, Suu fled the scene.

Reception of information, PC02 department in collaboration with Tuyen Quang City Police and professional units of Tuyen Quang Provincial Police came to the scene to investigate. The investigation process for identifying the suspect for the crime is Dao Van Suu.

On the afternoon of February 9, Suu killed pesticides and then went to police headquarters in An Khang municipality, Tuyen Quang. Realizing that the suspect showed abnormalities, immediately sent the functional force the suspect to the hospital.

The original testimony of Suu said Mrs H repeatedly tricked Taurus's money into borrowing hundreds of millions of dong. This is the Ox amount to be borrowed from a bank. Angry, Suu used a gun to shoot at the head of his former wife and fled.

Horror: The man opened fire on the head of his ex-wife on the Tet vacation and fled

Having known that he was wanted, Suu took pesticides and went to the police headquarters.

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