Sunday , November 29 2020

Spring preparatory school, Buriram has 3 points

– Luong Xuan Truong continued to leave and Buriram United won 1-0 against Bangkok United to rise to second place in the Thai league.

The battle between defense champion Buriram United and ruling runner-up Bangkok United was very popular with media and Thai fans.

One of the most anticipated faces is Luong Xuan Truong, not only with the visiting fans, but also Bangkok homeowners.

In the spring of the preparatory school, Buriram continued the victory
Xuan Truong continued to be abandoned

However, Xuan Truong is once again not named in Buriram United's main line.

When the Buriram team was ripped off and had to go 3 days / match, coach Bandovic continued to leave rookies borrowed from HAGL.

In the last 2 games, Buriram United won without admission. That's why Mr. Bandovic reason to be indifferent to Xuan Truong.

The most anticipated match in the 4th Thai league round started quite attractive as both teams were actively attacked.

Buriram United, like the previous confrontations, is a bit of a glide and creates more chances, but no goal after the end of the first half.

In the spring of the preparatory school, Buriram continued the victory
Buriram United followed the victory to take second place

The match in the second half was balanced. Buriram did not create a mutation, but Xuan Truong still had no chance of entering the field.

Until the 85th minute, the new deadlock was broken. Brazilian striker Pedro has a technical control that transfers the ball over the Bangkok United defenders and releases a powerful shot to open the scoring.

In the last few minutes, Bangkok tried to find a goal but failed. In particular, the rescue rescued before Siwarak goalkeeper goal in time injury.

This victory helped Xuan Truong's team rise to second place with 8 points, less than 1 point over the top team Prachuap.

Thien Thanh

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