Monday , October 18 2021

The container truck collides, the car reversed and collapsed


On National Highway 1A, which passes through the Quang Thuan Department, Ba Don City (Quang Binh).

At this time, the container truck BKS 51C-564.33 controlled the BKS 51R-119.05 trailers by Tran Thanh Tung (43, Quang Nam Province) in the north direction. When crossing the Gianh Bridge, this car has been invaded to the opposite side and then straight into the BKS 61C-242.08 tanker trailer, pulling trailers 61R-020.50 by Bui Van Son (43, Phu Yen Province) again.

The accident site. (Photo T.N)

The accident site. (Photo T.N)

The driver is quite strong, causing heavy panic crossings, lost driving which caused the car pulled the head paper to rush to the road, plowed about 100m before dredging down the road about 3m down the road surface.

Dozens of loads of paper on the truck fell to the field, the head and the boxes collapsed after the car won.

Container car carrying BSC 51C - 564.33 reversed.

Container car carrying BSC 51C – 564.33 reversed.

What caused Tung-drivers suffered several injuries in the hands, the feet face. Only the head of the car carrying the BSC 61C-242.08 injured shaft on the front of the car, the wheels are out.

After receiving the news, Ba Don sent police traffic police to the scene to clarify the event, traffic flow. Head crash north of the Gianh Bridge, where there is a narrow guiding traffic on National Highway 1A, stuck locally over 2 hours.

Dang Tai

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