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The hottest Weibo: Luhan openly thanked Tao

TV show "European adventure tour" by Luhan (Loc Ham) is currently receiving a lot of attention from fans because he has been famous for fear of airplanes, always choosing all means of transport set to move instead of air. The hottest social network in China at this time is the keyword "Luhan thanks Tao – Ngo Dieu Phàm". Fans of EXO's 3 former members are currently thrilled with their emotional attachment to many obstacles and distances.

Hotest Weibo: Luhan openly thanked Tao - Wu Yifei for the movement of television - Photo 1.

Due to his fear of height and movement and aircraft, Luhan had to postpone two flights to two cities, Frankfurt and Geneva. Deng Super and Tran Huan are two close brothers of Luhan who tried to soothe the spirit and advised Luhan to drink a little wine to be more relaxed. In addition, there is the spiritual encouragement of the Tao (Prince of Sports) and Ngo Dieu Phàm. These two former EXO members have always been there to help Luhan overcome his fears.

Luhan and his European journey overcome the fear of flying by friends

The most special can be said to Tao when the guy decided to go to Luhan's house to comfort his older brother. By 4:00 the next day it was Tao who personally took Luhan to the airport off the road for sure, and this time Luhan managed to board the plane. This has touched the heart of Quan Hieu Dong's boyfriend and thanks everyone at the end of the clip: "Thank you, Dang Sieu, Tran Khan and Prince Thao and Ngo Dieu Phoi a lot."

Hotest Weibo: Luhan publicly thanked Tao - Wu Yifei on the movement of television - Photo 3.

Luhan's journey to Europe is much easier

Hotest Weibo: Luhan openly thanked Tao - Wu Yifei for the movement of television - Photo 4.

Thanks to close friends who always cheer and encourage

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