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Threat Vietnam Tel kicked the plan neutral because of flares, says VFF?


Sunday, 18/11/2018 00:07 (GMT + 7)

The general secretary of the VFF, Le Hoai Anh, said the organization committee in the Vietnam-Malaysia match had done its best, but the stains were burned up by the fans (fans) on the stall altogether because of lack of awareness and tampering. football.

The Vietnam team had a very important victory against Malaysia and thus had a great chance of winning semifinals, even toppling Group A. A worthy victory for Park Gu Seang, but the joy of the fans was not really complete when the game was injured by some fans.

Threat Vietnam Tel kicked the plan neutral because of flares, says VFF? - 1

Image of the Vietnam fans burns stains at ASIAD 2018

In the match at My Dinh Stadium on November 16th, there were no less than 3 times the spots lit by the fans in the stands. Fire extinguishers were also extinguished immediately, but still made a bad picture of the game.

It is worth mentioning that Vietnam's fans have been subjected to violence, Vietnam may kick neutral markings at the AFF Cup 2018. This is not the first time the VFF and the Vietnam team were confused by flares.

General Secretary of the VFF Le Hoai Anh said that the AFF Cup 2018 BTC has reported fire operations from Vietnam's audience. This means that the Disciplinary Board of the Asian Football Federation (AFC) may issue fines within the next few days.

What many people are interested in are the fines for VFF and Vietnam. Mr. Hoai Anh said, "In fact, AFC's punishment is not published but must wait a few days to synthesize the report. My guess is that VFF can only be banned, not AFC's ability to ban Vietnam from home."

"In the match, there were some fires that burned up, BTC arranged for security forces, firefighters in the crowd, quit immediately, in order not to resurrect the status of flares thrown in the farm cockroaches. Match period. VFF will be fine but we do not know how much punishment. Information AFC penalty VFF $ 70,000 is not correct, says Hoai Anh.

In October, the VFF offered AFC $ 12,500 (equivalent to VND300 million) after the Vietnamese state football fans fired at Pakansari Stadium in Indonesia in the semi-final football match ASIAD 2018 between U23 Viet South Korea and U23.

At the AFF Cup 2016 two years ago, VFF was also fined when the fans burned spots, broken glass cars carrying Indonesia. In the 2019 Asian Cup Qualifier, VFF was also fined $ 11,000 to burn flares when the Vietnamese team visited Cambodia.

According to Hoai Anh, when BTC has done the best, but there are fans deliberately sabotage, then it's quite bad, not because of the football image of the country. But before the match against Cambodia on November 24 at the Hang Diem farm, VFF continues to go on the fans to not burn, which risks leading the Vietnamese team to play neutral ground.

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