Monday , October 18 2021

"VFF will strictly handle those people who do not have tickets to the farm"


In relation to the match between Vietnam Tel 2-0 Tel Malaysia, 16/11 took place at the stadium in My Dinh – Hanoi in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 stadium, the clip appeared, the image shows a staff in the event security staff did not handle tickets to the stadium to see the match.

Prior to this information, VFF leaders noted and asked the relevant subcommittees to check and collect relevant information and work with relevant coordination units to review and report. specific. The views of the VFF leaders do not contradict misconduct, but also coordinate with the coordination units in order to handle the violations strictly.

ttk le hoai anh:
Fans have to queue in front of My Dinh Stadium to call Vietnam Tel Malaysia, but many people are put in the field without security cards. Photo: Truong Giang.

General Secretary Le Hoai Anh said: "VFF confirmed the information and images of the press that sent some security personnel to hand over those people who did not have tickets to participate in the match. Malaysia is true. This is very unfortunate and the VFF reviews, makes specific reports before most serious treatment.

According to Le Hoai Anh, the security forces to protect the match to help people who do not have tickets to My Dinh Stadium to see the match, as well as some fans who fire fireworks in Vietnam's battle 2 – 0 Malaysia is a lack and a shame in the organization of the match.

ttk le hoai anh:
VFF will receive heavy fines from AFC because of the rocky fans of fire stains at My Dinh Stadium in Vietnam Tel 2-0 Malaysia. Photo: Truong Giang.


It is expected that AFC today (18/11) will issue a penalty to VFF for the fans to shoot rocket fire in My Dinh Stadium. In addition to administrative fines of up to $ 70,000 with VFF, Vietnam sets TV sets for the final match of the AFF Cup match in 2018 against Cambodia on neutral ground and no audience encourages.

Clip Vietnamese fans cheered at stadium stadium My Dinh

Mr Le Hoai Anh also wishes and warns fans when they come to the stadium to host Vietnam football 2018 AFF Cup must go to the stadium soon (for the match at the stadium in My Dinh at least 120 minutes match on. Hang Dieu Stadium at least 90 minutes) and collaborate with security forces to get approaches to the farm, avoid local traffic jams, affecting the interests of the public; At the same time, call the audience to civilized stadium, sure, do not quench stains, affecting Vietnamese football and football.

Duyen Duyen / VOV.VN

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