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Vietnam Phone Ever competed Thailand with high and low economics? – 24-hour football

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 10:24 (GMT + 7)

Vietnam Phone by Coach Park Hang Seo will still have many chances to play against regional rivals – Thailand in 2019, although the two teams will not meet in the upcoming King's Cup.

Vietnam Tel video plays stubbornly when confronting Japan in the quarterfinals of the quarterly final in 2019:

Vietnam Tel has achieved many good successes from the end of last year to the beginning of this year. Park Hang Seo's teacher and champion won the AFF Cup 2018 after a compelling victory over Malaysian teams at My Dinh Stadium before continuing to delight the fans as they reached the quarterfinals in Asia in 2019 in the United Arab Emirates.

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Vietnam Tel won the AFF Cup 2018 in a convincing way

while Vietnam Tel Sublimation, the big rival – Thailand Thailand was still disappointed by the 2 largest regional and continental tournaments recently. At the AFF Cup 2018, the "elephant war" has been from the position of the defense champion to become the former king after he was disqualified by Malaysia because of the law of the home and the growth ground.

Not long after, Thailand, despite the two representatives of Southeast Asia in the round of the 1/8 Asian Cup in 2019, but the Golden Pagoda team could not follow the steps of teachers and teachers of Park Hang Seo, who were present in the quarterfinals No. 1 Asian fight after losing 1-2 against China.

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Thailand has a poor record of Vietnam on both AFF Cup 2018 and Asian Cup 2019

According to Siamsports, the Thai Football Association (FAT) has raised a question of wanting to invite Vietnam to participate in the King's Cup on Thai soil. However, Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) refused that in March this year, Park Hang Seo's teachers and students will face the Korean team in East Asia-South East Super Cup match.

Then, in June – FAT time wanted to invite Vietnamese teams to compete at the King's Cup with European teams, our national team should rest for the players to return to the army with the club management V-League 2019.

Vietnam Phone and Thailand Phone, however, still have the opportunity to compete in other arenas. Especially if the lucky draw cards put two teams together, they will enter the World Cup 2022 in the Asian region, the AFF Cup championship – Vietnam team and "War elephants" may collide on each other. 1 in 6 first qualifying matches on 5 September and 10, 10 and 15 October, 14 and 19 November.

The remaining 4 rounds of this round will take place in March and June 2020. Vietnam Tel will thus have 6 matches in 2019, where 3 games at My Dinh stadium in the World Cup 2022 qualification match.

In addition, Vietnamese football could not forget the Asian Cup U23 2020, the tournament, where coach Park Hang Seos coach is currently running after making an effort in Changzhou in 2018.

In the group K qualification, which takes place in March 2019, Vietnam is host, the team of Coach Park Hang Seo will meet with Southeast Asian teams, including Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. This is an opportunity for U23 Vietnam to confirm its position and, of course, the goal of winning tickets for the U23 UEFA Champions League 2020 is that the whole team is aiming for.

At the end of this year, Vietnam and Thailand could also be competitors, as the U22 team in the two countries competed in the 30th SEA Games men's football (November 30 – December 10) in the Philippines. At 29 SEA Games in Malaysia, U22 Vietnam was led by former coach Nguyen Huu Thang who lost 0-3 to Thailand U22 in the last match of Group B and lost tickets to the semi-finals at hand. this opponent.

If you fight again at the end of this year, the U22 Vietnam Phone will be sure to revive the great rival and help us "quench the thirst" to win a gold medal in men's football at SEA Games.

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Timetable for Vietnamese football teams in 2019

Vietnamese football plays big in 2019!

The 2019 national team will be in the U-23 Asia qualification, the World Cup.

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