Monday , November 30 2020

Xao Chao suspected kidnapping of children in Hanoi law

Consequently, the information "Go to the house to carry the baby, a camera with a camera so it was found … there are two objects, one object has escaped and one person has been arrested …" came out at noon 17 / 3rd

Immediately after clips with shared information, the public became aware and many people shared the information about … According to the clip is sacrificed a 2-3 year old girl.

Immediately after the incident, the people reported the incident to the police in Xuan La Ward (Tay Ho, Hanoi) nearby.

A police officer from Xuan La Ward said the people said the child was helped by the girl, there was an audience coming into the house to carry it away. The virgins cheered so that the nearby people quickly chased and maintained. "

The incident occurred in Xuan Tao Ward (Bac Tu Liem), so the police in Xuan La Ward handed over to Xuan Tao Ward Police to continue clarifying.

Also related to the incident, on the same day exchange with PV, a manager of the Xuan Tao Ward People's Committee said that the ward committee did not receive information or reports on the above incident.

The case continues to be verified.

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