Friday , June 18 2021

Apple launches the launch of 2019 iPad and iPad Mini today

Don't panic, but the Apple Store is down. It usually only means one thing: no, not an angry color of Apple rider stories (though it also happens), but new Apple products.

The smart money this time is on an iPad 2019, a new iPad Mini and possibly a new iMac. There may even be some new AirPods, even though we expect Apple to save it to an Apple event.

Mark Gurman, a respected Apple journalist, certainly thinks it's likely to be a new iPad and iMac.

Back in January, it was widely reported that Apple was planning a new iPad and iPad Mini for a spring launch, so this Apple Store downtime has come straight to the queue.

New AirPods are rumored to arrive earlier rather than later, with tipsters suggesting that there will be small updates for functionality as well as a new matte black finish.

There is already an Apple Event confirmed for later this month, with Apple inviting journalists launching on March 25, most likely for the much anticipated Apple streaming video service.

But if you can't wait until next week for your Apple solution, then it seems you might have something new to look for later today …


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