Friday , August 6 2021

Chamisa blames the government for Rusape bus accident, claiming 46

By Idah Mhetu

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa on Saturday appealed to the government for Rusape bus accident that claimed 46 people and left more injured.

He picked up thousands of party people who penetrated his Marondera rally at Rudhaka Stadium.

"Look at our paths. They are now deadlock. People are no longer convinced of this government," said Chamisa.

The bus accident, which has since been declared a national disaster, saw a Bolt Cutter and a Smart Express bus collided with an accident caused by one of the drivers.

Chamisa, in his comments, said that main collisions were characteristic of collapsed economies.

"The government should invest in infrastructure to reduce accidents on the front. In this day and age we can not talk about direct accidents." Chief of accidents happen only in a collapsed economy like this, "he said.

Opposition leader, who anchored his 2018 election campaign to introduce collision trains, said the government should invest in smart roads to reduce road carnage.

"We know drivers are also wrong, but the government must be able to ensure that these accidents do not occur. We need to have smart roads … and stop talking about direct accidents," he said.

Chamisa added: "With a real government, these people would not have died and we would not have these accidents. The train has no longer timetable and other transport operators do not work properly because there are no more rules on these roads."

Chamisa also asked his followers at the rally to observe one minute of silence in memory of those who died in the tragic accident.

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