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Chip-stealing gull and & # 39; big fox & # 39; calling fast 999 alert

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A call rang 999 after being targeted by a chip-stealing gull

Calls for a "big fox", a disobedient cat and a chip-eating gull have prompted police to warn people not to abuse the 999 service.

Nottinghamshire Police said unnecessary calls delayed call handlers from dealing with real emergencies.

Other junk queries include one wanting to know the timing of the next train and another struggling to get a couch out of their house.

Officers said they were disappointed that previous warnings had been ignored.

The force regularly exchanges details on social media about the most exciting 999 calls it has received to try to deter timewasters.

Despite this, one person called to report a large fox in their garden and another called to complain that a seagull had stolen their chips.

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Nottinghamshire Police


The force regularly shares details of silly 999 calls it has received

Other calls over the past few weeks have involved a cat who refuses to return from a neighbor's garden and a shopper who was denied a refund after buying the wrong size shampoo.

Another caller wanted contact information for police in Cyprus after placing their temporary driver's license on vacation, while another called to know the time of the next train.

Success Paul Burrows said: “Despite the work we regularly do in the media, online and over the phone to explain to people how to use 999 responsibly, we still receive a large number of misplaced calls to our emergency number.

"Any misplaced call that our emergency call handlers receive has the potential to delay us from responding to real emergencies."

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