Friday , April 23 2021

Enzo Ishall makes Zimbabwe a festive season


Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter
Enzo Ishall, the Zimdancehall artist continues to claim his share in the music industry when he releases more hits.

The singer was recently famous after introducing to the locals with a track "Kanjiva" which has become a must-have at any party.

Not only did he give people a track, but he also introduced them to the Mighty Lifestyle as a canyon – a dance exclusive to Mbare, was fully captured on the song's music video and imitated by many.

Like King Monadas Idibala (falling song), people, regardless of location, have been hooked because they think they want to dance to Kanjiva every time it is played.

Before Kanjiva, Enzo Ishall received attention from Zimdancehall supporters as he jumped on Chillspot Riddim "Panomhanya Munhu" in March this year with his song Chiita Kwacho.

Enzo Ishall did not release another track "Smart rinotangira kutsoka", popularized by it as socialite Genius & Ginimbi & # 39; Kadungure who shot a video that showed off his shoes.

The track speaks of the importance of having nice shoes as people, especially men, are judged and addressed by the type of shoes they wear.

Recently, Enzo Ishall released Next Time, a song whose music video has caught many people's hearts.

The video featuring the famous comic Comic Pastor, released on YouTube last week, has already received more than 50,000 views.

In the video addiction in Mbare, the comic pastor determines, after reading that there is a thief who has stolen an underwear outside, decided to chase after him.

Unfortunately, he stops being stoned in the face of the thief and is the one who needs to be rescued.

Enzo Ishall, hiding in the blankets when he heard that there was a thief, then began to play the comic pastor who sings: "… next time vanhu vakadaidzira mbavha haubude. Dzungu rekuda kunzi wakaipa ndiro rakurovesa nedinha ufunge. Ini kusara mumba handpeng. . "

After watching the video ending with Enzo, Comic Pastor tells that the lingerie he was stoned for tears, many have encouraged Enzo Ishall to produce more of such works.

It is gratifying to note that Zimdancehall artists are on top of their game. Many of them fill up arenas without international acts.

What has made this genre standout is that the artists are original.

First, it was ignored as Thomas Mapfumo, who thought the youngsters tried to be difficult to pretend to be Jamaican.

However, they have shown Mapfumo errors by locating their music, giving legends like Winky D a good run for their money.

The new variety of Zimdancehall artistes sings about what they are going through in the depression districts, which is always a bonus as it makes it easy for its supporters to relate to them.

Enzo Ishall, for example, by traces like Handirer kut kwenyu, Kanjiva and Next time talks about Mighty Life.

The video for the three songs is shot in Mbare, and this has added the suburb's high density depression to the map.

Enzo said, "I'm making music that talks about people living in ghetto. In this new song I talk about something that's common among people living in the ghetto – theft of clothes on the laundry."

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