Wednesday , June 23 2021

Facebook launches the Lasso video app to get back the teens

In most cases, Facebook is not so much a success with young people today – it's just not cool and crazy with parents and grandparents – then enter Lasso, a new video and music sharing as Facebook hopes will win some of their lost teens back .

Overall, Lasso is not entirely different from TikTok, one of the upward and upcoming applications turns out to be popular with the younger generation. Both focus on sharing short videos and popular music tracks with small groups of friends, and both come packed with a lot of camera and filter effects to play with.

"Lasso makes it easy for everyone to create and share short videos with fun filters and effects," says the app description. "Follow the creators, search hashtags, discover popular video trends, and join your own twist on them."

Lasso is the new way of life

Of course, Facebook has a long story about launching new apps to try to ride the wave of everything proving a meeting with the kids at the time – Lifestage, anyone? Facebook room? Most of these spin-offs largely end the majority of users.

When that does not work, Facebook simply buys the competition, as did with TBH, an anonymous commentary app that got traction with the teens before Facebook picked it up and closed it immediately. Going back in time, there is also big money acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram.

We are waiting and looking for Lasso cheaper than Facebook's previous attempt to retrieve some of its mojo. The free app has not been officially announced by Facebook yet, and is only available for download for Android and iOS in the US at the moment.

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