Wednesday , October 27 2021

Microsoft can release a discless Xbox One-TechCrunch


According to a new Thurott report, Microsoft has been working on a new console in the Xbox One family. This less expensive model can play regular Xbox One games, but there is no Blu-Ray device.

This step would lower the price of the starting level Xbox One. An Xbox One S officially starts at $ 299, but you can currently find it for around $ 250 on Amazon. The unplugged Xbox One can start with $ 199.

If you already have an Xbox One and physical games, you may want to go to an official retailer to shop your discs for a digital download code. Let's hope this new Xbox comes with a large hard drive for those who have a slow internet connection.

Back when Microsoft first featured Xbox One 2013, the company would make a big deal of digital games. The original plan was that you would associate your physical games with your Xbox account. Then you can play the game even without inserting the disc. Microsoft also planned a way to lend a digital game to a friend for 30 days.

After a little setback, Microsoft gave up this plan and switched back to a more traditional system. But it has been five years, digital games are more popular than ever and internet connections are faster than ever.

Microsoft also believes that the future of gaming is based on subscriptions. With Xbox Game Pass, you can access dozens of games for $ 10 per month. You can also subscribe to EA Access on Xbox One. Eventually, you might want to replace Xbox completely with a subscription to a streaming service. But we're not there yet.

According to Thurott, Microsoft also works with an updated Xbox One S which may be a bit cheaper. This would have a traditional hard drive.

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