Thursday , December 3 2020

R Kelly & # 39; denies having sex with Aaliyah's mother while the teenager slept in bed & # 39;

R Kelly reportedly rubberized explosive allegations that he was bedding Aaliyah's mother while the teenager he married was sleeping in bed.

The disgraced star is said to have backed on demands for sexual encounters with Diane Haughton made by ex lover Lisa Van Allen.

Van Allen had told Vlad TV about the alleged trysts, while also telling that after Aaliyah had an abortion, they canceled the marriage.

She said, "He told me they were married, that she was pregnant, he was doctoring on the marriage certificate, so she could say she was 18 so they could get married.

"And the reason was whether he thought she was 18, so he couldn't be charged if someone found out she was pregnant.

R Kelly allegedly denied allegations that he had sex with Aaliyah's mother

Aaliya's brother Rashad Haughton and her mother Diane Haughton

"This came out of the mouth, I could take a lie detector test for this, that's what he told me. Especially told me. It's not rumor, that's the truth."

When she talked about the sofa's sex injuries, she said, "He said that when Aaliyah was going to sleep, he would go into the living room and they would do sexual acts on the sofa while Aayliah slept in the bedroom."

But in spite of Van Allen's claims, sources close to R Kelly TMZ said he and Diana had nothing more than a friendly relationship.

Aaliyah depicted in 2000

Lisa Van Allen made the explosive demands

In fact, the source claimed to have claimed that Kelly believes Van Allen made the claim in an attempt to get headlines for himself.

Former Personal Assistant Demetrius Smith has admitted to helping Kelly forge the documents he needed to marry Aaliyah.

"I'm not proud of that," he told the camera.

R. Kelly is pictured in his police booking photo

Kelly cried in a recent interview about the claims he is facing

"I had papers forged for them because Aaliyah was a minor. [We] got the marriage license and we were in a hotel in Maywood, Illinois.

"Aaliyah looked worried, scared. I wanted so much to get hold of Aaliyah and talk to her. I wanted so much to talk to her because she gave me a look that she wanted me to talk to her .. "I want to have failed both of them."

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