Sunday , October 24 2021

The police swoop at Chivayo, Ginimbi in court


Earlier in the court, Kadungure denied charges of renaming Gatawa and Nduna.

Kadungure said he would not have taken the money if he knew it came from Chivayo, because he had never had any business with him, although the two knew each other through social events.

When asked by prosecutor Ephraim Zinyandu why he did not implicate Chivayo during his first employment, Kadungure said the police knew that the deal was involved but was reluctant to arrest him because of his political relations.

He said that Chivayo was untouchable at the time and the police could not arrest him.

When asked why he paid back some of the money he claimed was taken from the complainants, Kadungure said he wanted to keep his reputation.
He said he went to any office that meant, including meeting former Lady Lady Mugabe, to get the case resolved.

Kadungure said he had Chivayo's recordings to apologize and tell people that his (Kadungure) hands were clean.

Magistrate Morgan Nemadire rolled over the question until November 30 to determine.

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