Friday , April 23 2021

Xbox Scarlett may not have a disc

Xbox One suffers the code name Scarlett is not allowed to play a disc. It seems that Microsoft weighs its options and determines whether Xbox Scarlett should support physical media or not according to those familiar with Microsoft's plans. If it is true, it could finally be another step towards the erosion of consumer rights from a company that thought it would be a good idea to launch Xbox One as an online console. Hopefully common sense would prevail.

According to sources, Xbox insider Brad Sams says, "Microsoft is still trying to determine if this console will include a disc, but should make the final decision here shortly."

Previously, Sams suggested that Xbox Scarlett is a "family of devices" that he speculates that "we'll see more hardware released this year."

Microsoft builds a traditional console "as you expect from the Xbox brand." What a fun way to design it when you consider that Xbox One, despite several updates, requires pretty much online, but Sams is wondering that it's for "those who prefer to have all their hardware locally." This is not all, there will also be a dedicated streaming console that will work synchronized with the upcoming game streaming service currently called Scarlett Cloud, which may now be Project xCloud.

While the specifications of the first console are not yet to be spun since it is still early in development, the flowbox will be lower with a limited amount of control signal input, image processing and collision detection. This suggests that more hardware would be needed locally, resulting in a high price, albeit not as much as what a new next generation console would cost allowing for an extended range. This device is further developed and as the first console is slated for a 2020 release date.

It would be interesting to see how this works. Microsoft, like Sony and Nintendo, does not make much money on hardware sales. A large part of the revenue comes from game sales and in terms of Sony and Microsoft, subscription services. Having a lower cost console can enable greater accessibility.

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